Job Announcements - FAQ for HR Managers

These are all the FAQ related to job announcements for HR Managers and clients of

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Prices for 2020  
  2. BOOST - Can you help push my job announcement across Facebook?  
  3. BOOST - How can I get a job announcements corporate video done for my organisation?  
  4. BOOST - How can I get my job announcement mentioned on your Facebook LIve broadcast?  
  5. Can I post announcement without pay VAT10%?  
  6. Can I post job announcement before paid ?  
  7. Do I need to have an accounting login for posting job or do any edit announcement by myself?  
  8. Do you have any long-term posting agreements available?  
  9. Dose has recruitment service?  
  10. How can I find my job announcement which is advertising on the ?  
  11. How can the positions posted combine together in the same announcement?  
  12. How to post a job on  
  13. I didn’t get any candidate apply, what can I do ?  
  14. I want candidates in urgent, do you have that kind of service?  
  15. I want to cancel my job announcement, does it’s required any fee charge?  
  16. I want to edit my job announcement which already posted what should I do?  
  17. I want to extend my job announcement closing date  
  18. I want to post a job announcement less than one month, will it cost cheaper?  
  19. If I would like to post a job, what information should I provided?  
  20. Is there any discount?  
  21. KCP - How to Buy Khoins  
  22. KCP - How to Create Profile/Company  
  23. KCP - How to post job advertisements  
  24. KCP - How to register account  
  25. What type of job announcements services are available at the  
  26. When can I get the invoice?  
  27. When candidate applying CV through Apply Now, where does the Application go?  
  28. Why required to pay in advance?  
  29. Why should we prefer to use’s job posting service?  

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